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Samsung Home Theatre System - HT-E330K

Available for purchase at  CLICK HERE TO BUY

Available for purchase at  CLICK HERE TO BUY

Sing along to all your favourite songs

Your home needs the Samsung 5.1 Channel DVD Home Theatre System so you can enjoy amazing sound when listening to music or watching movies. It has 5 surround speakers and a subwoofer which makes for exciting sound at all times. Its compact and portable design means it will only take up little space in your home. The simple speaker setup of the Samsung 5.1 Channel DVD Home Theatre System makes it easy to have it fully operational. It is highly efficient and will deliver high quality sound to your home. It comes equipped with a USB port which offers plug and play function.

 Watch movies from your USB
Watch movies from your USB

Crystal Amplifier Plus
Crystal Amplifier Plus
The Samsung 5.1 Channel DVD Home Theatre System has been integrated with Crystal Amplifier Plus that boosts sound to an outstanding level so the party never stops. Ithas a DVD player as part of its setup so you can enjoy HD movies on your television. It also makes it possible to play a wide range of movies with different formats.The FM radio which has been incorporated into it allows you to enjoy all your favourite on-air programmes. Combining the Samsung home theatre to your LED TV will ensure you have a complete home entertainment system. If you love to sing along to your favourite song, then the Karaoke function with it offers which surely appeal to you.

Smart Volume levels things out

The Samsung HT-E330K DVD Home Theatre System has a simple speaker setup mode which allows a quick and easy way of setting up high quality sound in your home. You don’t have to worry about how to arrange the 5 surround speakers with the easy speaker setup function. 

Customised audio for your regional genres
It is very easy to select the position of surround speakers which will naturally enhance the stereo sound. There is a crystal amplifier plus that will boost the sound to an amazing level to keep you on your feet dancing.

Power Bass gives your system a big boost

It has a special function that allow you listen to quality surround sound from your TV. This home theatre is simply the best in its class.

All Specifications
  • Karaoke Scoring: Yes
  • Mic + Music USB REC (CD Disc): Yes
  • MIC Jack: Yes
  • Mic Volume: Yes
  • Fanfare: Yes
  • Key Control: Yes
  • My Karaoke: Yes

  • # of Channel: 5.1
  • Disc Capacity: 1
  • Total Power: 330W
  • CD DA/CD-R/CD-RW - Yes
  • DVD-Video/DVD±R/DVD±RW: Yes
  • VCD 1.1: Yes
  • DIVX (including XVID): Yes
  • JPEG: Yes
  • MP3: Yes
  • WMA, WMV (1/2/3/7): Yes
Video Feature 
  • BD Wise: No
  • Video Up-Scale (DVD): No
Audio Feature 
  • # of Sound Modes (DSP): 8
  • Dolby Digital: Yes
  • Dolby Pro Logic II: Yes
  • DTS: No
  • Giga Sound: Yes
  • MP3 Enhancer: Yes
  • Power Bass: Yes
  • Smart Volume: Yes
  • Virtual Surround: No
  • User EQ: Yes
  • Local EQ: Yes
  • Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC): No
  • USB Host 2.0: Yes
  • ARC (Audio Return Channel): No
  • Component Output: Yes
  • Composite Output: Yes
  • Number of HDMI Input: 0
  • Number of Audio Input: 1
  • Number of Optical Input: 0
  • HDMI Out: No
  • SCART: No
  • Wireless Speaker Module included: No
  • Wireless Speaker Ready: No
  • AM: No
  • FM: Yes
  • RDS: No
Special Feature 
  • Crystal Amplifier Plus: Yes
  • USB Recording: AUX, Radio, CD, Mic
  • Speaker : Center
  • Full Range: Front
  • Full Range: Sub Woofer
  • Full Range: Surround
  • Full Range: Type (Tallboy/Satellite/Swivel)
  • Antenna: Yes
  • ASC MIC: No
  • Cloth: No
  • Composite Cable: Yes
  • HDMI Cable: No
  • Optical Cable:No
  • Made for iPod/iPhone: No
  • iPod/iPhone over USB:No
  • iPod/iPhone Dock Cradle included:No
  • Product Dimension (WxHxD):430 x 56 x 250
  • Spk (Sub Woofer) Net Dimension (WxHxD):155 x 300 x 285
  • Spk (Front) Net Dimension (WxHxD):77 x 107 x 68
  • Spk (Center) Net Dimension (WxHxD):77 x 107 x 68
  • Spk (Surround) Net Dimension (WxHxD): 77 x 107 x 68
  • Gross Dimension (WxHxD): One Packing: 513 x 324 x 368
  • Product Weight: 2
  • Spk (Sub Woofer) Net Weight: 2.8
  • Spk (Front) Net Weight: 0.315
  • Spk (Center) Net Weight: 0.315
  • Spk (Surround) Net Weight: 0.315
  • Gross Weight: One Packing: 8.4
  • Stand-by Power Consumption: 0.47
  • Operating Power Consumption: 36
  • Free Voltage: No
Kindly Note: If the complete speakers of the Samsung HT-E330K do not function at the same time, press the PL11 button on the remote to activate.

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